Vintage Lens & Capy

Sigma fp

I like to study equipment and have a few old manual lenses in my collection. I like the metallic feel of them, the cold but solid feeling to the touch, and the clicking sound when I turn the aperture ring. It’s all very real, just like all the memories.

Goal of the website

To share the joy and experience of using manual lenses to people who love photography and do not yet know the powerful charm of old lenses.

Especially when we find digital lenses are huge, heavy, plastic, and unbelievably expensive.

Older lenses usually have superbly colored all-metal bodies, and when you turn the aperture ring, they make a bright,and the most important is…

Good value for money old lenses abound, love your wallet .

Really recommended to you all, welcome to my website to browse.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please leave a message at the bottom, I will be very happy to help you.

Good luck with the old mirror, love it.

I am Capy.